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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  April 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. your bedroom most likely your sanctuary your safe place but police say a man was hiding in the bedroom closet of montgomery county couple and it wasn't random. i'm lucy noland. investigators say it was the woman's estranged husband just waiting for his opportunity to pounce. fox 29's dave kinchen live in hatfield. dave? >> reporter: lucy, that's right. police say the suspect broke in several hours before his victims returned and waited for them. >> sounded like a bunch of screaming kids and here's it's him. >> neighbors stunned by brutal attack at this house on the 2300 block of far view avenue in hatfield monday night. police say jason william beck broke in when no one was home and hid in the master bedroom closet until his estranged wife and her boyfriend got home and went to bed. that's when cops say he sprung
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out maced them, beat the boyfriend with a bat and stabbed him. the wife assaulted too. >> all i heard is a bunch of screaming and yelling and somebody was laying in the street. there was like 13 cops here and two ambulances and they were just taking people out thereof. >> reporter: flee widths were in the house at the time and were not hurt. we're told beck had a court order banning him from the house and his family. he surrendered to officers on the scene. >> all i heard was like drop your weapon. drop your weapon. he laid down on the ground and then the cops just, you know, held him down. >> reporter: after that wild monday night, beck remains in jail unable to post half million dollars in cash bail. he's facing assault charges, and we can tell you that the victims were treated at a hospital. back to you lucy. >> thank you, dave. nearly a week after a man kidnapped and sexually assaulted a four-year-old girl, delaware community is banding together to detectives of new castle county say they have leads in the case, but terrified and frustrated
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neighbors they want more. fox 29's brad sattin is live in wilmington. brad? >> reporter: lucy, police met with about 250 people here at this high school and likely with two attackers on the loose as you can imagine a lot of these people are nervous. anyone that can do that to a four-year-old child is just -- there's no rehabilitation for someone like that. >> reporter: and no comfort for the crowd here not with a man on the loose who kidnapped and sexually assault add four-year-old less than a week ago. it was last thursday night when the girl was forced into a man's car then found barely clothe add couple hours later miles from home. the crime comes as police are also searching for the man who kidnapped and sexual assaulted two adult women recently likely not the same person. >> the mo is vastly different from, um, this case here as compared to the serial kidnapping cases involving the
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adults but we're not saying that it's not related. >> reporter: crowd tonight told police are making progress. they have evidence and still reviewing surveillance video coming in. most here applauded the police work upset more with some of their neighbors who are still allowing young children to play outside unsupervised. >> look after your children. because you only get -- only takes one time. >> reporter: as long as this man or men remain free, people remain uneasy. >> i am not feeling safe at home at all. >> reporter: now one of the concerns people had is that little girl was missing for almost two hours. why was an amber alert not called? police say they were in the process of doing that but it takes time. a lot of people here lucy think that should have been automatic. >> oh yeah. our prayers for her and her family. thank you brad. on your radar tonight, not a repeat of yesterday but very few complaints about a day in the 70s. take live look at sparkling ben
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franklin parkway. so if you like today, thinking you'll love the next few. meteorologist kathy orr with our forecast at 11:00. >> we have a dry stretch coming a sunny dry stretch. >> okay. >> we had the 80s. we have the 70s now we'll have the 60s but that's what it should be like in april. at least 60s for a few days and the forecast changes again. outside in center city philadelphia, we're still holding on to skate after a high of 77 today. winds out of the west northwest at 12 that's a cool wind for us we're going down tonight into the 40s. some spots already there. it's 47 in the poconos. millville just holding at 50. atlantic city 59. and 56 degrees in lancaster as we widen out, see that blue contour that's the cooler air upstate new york and new england we're talking about 40s and that's going to spill toward the southeast into our region during the overnight. the next three days fair weather high pressure will be anchored to the north. that means dry and sunny with low humidity and winds out of the northwest. so it will be cool and comfortable.
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then by the weekend a huge ridge builds in the east upper levels of the jet stream and atmosphere that means all the warmth lifts north and we are talking about temperatures back in the 80s. specifically for easter sunday. it look like it will be the warmest easter sunday in decad decades. the morning temperature 60. hunts by the afternoon talking about a high of 84 degrees. any rain should be holding off until the evening hours. so it look like a really beautiful day. overnight 48 in the city. 45 degrees in the suburbs much during the day tomorrow we'll go hour by hour. 7:00 a.m. 46. by 9:00 a.m. 50 degrees with winds out of the northeast. lunch outside at 57. by the time the kids come home school 64 and afternoon high 66 degrees with northwest wind at about 7 miles an hour. it's very comfortable day on your seven day forecast from the weather authority mostly sunny good friday. partly sunny saturday. easter sunday looks fantastic.
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easter monday still mile. tuesday 63. by next wednesday lucy late shower the temperature 64. but look at that. every day a buff average for this time of year. consider those 80s clearly a bonus. >> all right. thank you so much kathy. >> you bet. in chester county a mother charged in the beating death of her three-year-old little boy has made plea deal to avoid the death sentence in he can change for lesser charges, jillian tate has agreed to testify against her ex-boyfriend in his capital murder trial. police say the couple tortured little scott mcmillan in their coatesville trailer home eventually killing him in 2014. tate has pleaded guilty to third degree murder. a big showing of support tonight for a korean war veteran who just lived through an absolutely traumatizing experience. now in the wee hours of this morning, armed men busted into his bustleton home, tied him up and got away with some of his most treasured possessions. our dave schratwieser is live at
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philadelphia police headquarters with a story that fox 29 has been on top of all day long. dave? >> reporter lucy, some new developments tonight. police have recovered some of the items stolen from the victim's home during that home invasion this morning. those items were found at a house in kensington tonight along with the victim's 1986 cadillac. all this during a big show of support for the victim. over 50 warriors watch rider's cruised pass 88-year-old peter's bustleton home wednesday night just hours after the korean war veteran escaped the clutches of two armed home invasion robberies. >> what happened today should never happen to any veteran or anybody. you know, especially the vets. everybody forget about them. >> i'm 88 and there was three or four of them. what can i do? >> reporter: that's how he described the harrowing ordeal. when a crew of home invaders entered his house just after 3:00 a.m. >> a girl he knew of an acquaintance knock on the door at 3:30 in the morning. he em the door, and he was
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forcibly taken by two males. >> reporter: he was tied up at gun point as two suspects ransack the home. stealing $30,000 in cash a gun, a safe, along with his mint condition 1986 cadillac fleetwood. >> hundred thousand dollars diamond ring they stole of hers, and $100,000 jewelry, one ring, 5 carats. >> police and detectiving quickly put out alert and found the stolen car at madison and emerald. two persons of interest were arrested. tonight detectives searched a home here for evidence. >> they're persons of interest right now. we have them in custody here. >> reporter: while he greeted the crowd from his front door he was too exhausted to come outside. the riders and neighbors didn't mind. they were here to support one of their own. >> now police continue to look for a third person a third suspect a woman who they believe held help the suspect enter the victim's home.
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no charges have been filed tonight. lucy. >> thanks, dave. delaware county mother is facing more than five years in prison charged with selling not one but nine guns to a convicted felon. that felon happens to be her nephew. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us in studio with more on the continued fallout, chris. >> reporter: that's right luc lucy. delaware county district attorney says illegal guns on the streets are an epidemic. but what is so alarming to cops is how these criminals are ge getting those guns. >> 35-year-old vicky towns perez hiding her face leaving the delaware county courthouse. prosecutors say the chester mom of four is a gun trafficker. >> a uber, taurus, kel-tec and always glock. >> reporter: delco da james whelan announce the arrest under the brad fox law targeting the illegal transfer or straw purchases of guns. >> 90% of the guns that we're dealing with on the street are illegal guns.
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>> reporter: perez is accused of buying nine guns from february of 2012 to may of 2013 and then selling them to her now deceased nephew car rin inn grim for $200 profit. the 23-year-old himself was gunned down in august of 2015. >> here's a young woman who possibly has children but has taken this type of chance to put not only her own freedom in jeopardy but the future and the lives of her own children. >> reporter: delco gun trafficking unit says the woman got her guns illegally here at millers spor sporting goods in linwood and target master in chadds ford. but all of them ended up on the streets of chester at least one of the guns was involved in homicide. >> she knew her nephew wasn't supposed to have these guns yet nevertheless she transferred nine guns to him. >> lucy, perez remains in the delaware county jail on $10,000 bail. all right, thanks chris. next veterans finally getting the honors decades
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than $221 million last year which i think means you lost 221 million. only one atlantic city casino bally's saw a loft last month. new jersey is one of just three states that offers internet gambling. the other two are delaware and nevada. in delaware, the city of wilmington introduced its new top cop. meet robert tracy he begins his new duties as police chief in two days. tracy is a veteran of the chicago and new york city police departments and he says he's going to hit the ground running. >> look at the crime statistics immediately as part of one of my forte and find out if there's things that we can build on some of the successes. >> tracy says his hospital top priority is not surprisingly keeping citizens safe. big honor in south jersey tonight for more than two dozen of our nation's heroes. gloucester county officials along with the office of veterans affairs awarded veterans with long overdue medals. fox 29's shawnette wilson has
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been there for it all. live now from sewell, shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, it was a great night here. 30 veterans honored including two living world war ii vetera veterans. >> very proud of my husband. >> reporter: francesco proudly holds medals she stepped on behalf of her husband edward. >> very excited. >> he was honored for his service in the navy during world war and two the korean war. >> very proud indeed. i mean he put so much and he was wounded so many times. >> gloucester county board of freeholders and officer of the veterans affairs honored 30 veterans drag is moan in sewell. they repped federal medals they earned but never received. bob len knock was grateful to be hahn forward thor for this service in vietnam. >> it wasn't nice come home back in '68. now that everybody is accepting. it's a great honor. >> vincent robinson was surround by his wife and two sons as he
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accepted an honor for 20 years witness army national guard. >> greatly appreciated. i like to thank my family as well for backing me and being dedicated along with me. >> reporter: and gloucester county holds this veterans appreciation and medal ceremony every year, lucy. >> and it's a wonderful thing. thank you so much, shawnette. you see it, you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what is going on in your neighborhood. thomas, what is going on tonig tonight. >> lucy fresco user nick taking us to haverford at the scene of a car accident. you can see the car completely flipped on its side right there. police telling us around 7:30 this evening the car crashed into a pole this is on township line road near pete street. nick was on the scene telling us passengers were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions right now or what caused that accident. philly set go rallies young voters to get involved in the upcoming race for district attorney. here's in philadelphia, all of
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the eight candidates for da gathered for tonight pots town hall at play and players theater. now the event gave millennials a chance to accident candidates questions and learn more about local government. remember when you see news happening make sure you take out that phone and shoot it and then use thes from company app to stepped it to our newsroom to make some extra cash. lucy. >> it's good money, too, thomas. >> it is. thanks. in your health tonight new study finds that talking with your pet is a sign of york intelligence. researchers found that having a conversation of sorts with your furry family members can one of the many ways humans trying to make our pets more like us and that apparently shows our brains are active. neurons are sparking and we're intelligent. in fact they say senior citizens should be encouraged to keep on talking to their pets to keep their own brains active. well sean bell's sip nap sis have been sparking and riled you. >> a little bit op this one okay. nba regular wraps up tonight
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regular season awards about to be handed out. i'll tell you why there's no joel embiid should be winning rocky of the year. that's coming up next in sports. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for more delays tomorrow penndot loving this nice weather catching up on a lot of the patching and pacing tomorrow they're going to be working on the northbound side of i-95 in delco. between route 320 and 476. so give yourself plenty of time. we've had one hour delays the last couple of days on i-95. martin luther king drive closed to tonight into 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning all part of that water -- cleaning the drains out and making repairs. should be open by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. and just keep in mind if you're going down the shore for easter holiday, the towns sent inlet bridge is closed for repairs i saw folks putting up videos you can ride your bikes on the bridge but no vehicles. so again if you're headed to the
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shore route nine of the parkway are the two best alternates. have yourself a great night. see you bright and early tomorrow morning meet you right here starting at 4:00 a.m.
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♪ sean bell taking on joel embiid and the nba rookie of the year award. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ there's no way in the world joel embiid should win the rookie of the year award. sorry sixers fans. but it's dead on it's true embiid only trade 31 games this year. it guy shouldn't even qualify for the award. i know he's tick technically the most talented rookie but the best ability you know it is a availability. luckily for the sixers the other rookie is the winner. dario saric. saric played almost every game only game he didn't play was tonight. he played 81 games. and he had the best numbers of any rookie outside of joel. as a matter of fact, dario has been the best player for the sixers year and brought the most
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effort he's been the toughest and guess what? he's reliable. that's what we need and i'll say this. i do think we need to change the definition of rookie. joel embiid isn't really a rookie. ben simmons won't be one neck year. any guy who gets to sit with the team the entire season learn the system, get nba coach and develop bonds with teammates aren't rookies. ithe definition should be if its your first year witness team. either way, the rookie of the year did dario. not embiid. >> i got to agree with you on that one. >> got to. >> all right sean bell comedian and actor charlie murphy brother of comedian eddie murphy has passed on. charlie murphy became house hold name during his time on the come disentrail dave chappelle show. he died in new york following a battle with leukemia. he was fifty seven-year-old. eddie murphy says with the sudden loss of his older brother his family will never be the same. >> kathy orr has been tracking some really amazing weather.
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>> yeah. >> you've got like a record setting easter going on. >> it will be very unusual to say the very least. two days in the 80s today in the 70s. we have three days coming up in the 60s and then we're back on the 80s sunday. we'll be close toward the record i don't think we'll hit the but temperatures will be in the mid 80s. we're talking about 84 degrees. >> what's normal right now? >> 63 degrees. remember, that's probably -- >> what i like to hear. >> warmest easter in at least two decades. >> really. >> it's a big deal. >> eighths big deal. >> all right. >> enjoy. go to the beach. >> soak it on in. tell you what. more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29. tmz and dish nation followed by chasing news and the simpsons and we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". sue sr. yo and bob kelly got your news traffic and weather covered. >> rip charlie murphy. darkness, baby, darkness.
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harvey: deon cole, he flew united yesterday. they were so nice -- >> they was overly like, hey! you're good? manicure, pedicure? harvey: flight attendants are great but passengers are going to say i'm now going to show my dominance because they can't dare do anything. >> she's a flight attendant. >> are people terrible on airplanes? >> you can demand certain stuff. you can ask for peanuts but don't come on the plane asking for iced coffee. this isn't starbucks. >> chris brown feels betrayed for dating karrueche. >> the bro code is something but very sacred but it means you're bros. chris brown and quavo are certainly like the guys out hooping saturday morning, i see them every saturday morning. will i sleep with their women? yes! >> we got ringo starr. >> if the beatles and justin bieber were touring together during their prime, who would


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